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Club Penguin Music Records is a convenient new way to listen to Club Penguin music.  Anyone can now download any of Club Penguin's music for free.  This allows anyone to listen to CP music on their computer whilst offline or on the go on an mp3 player, along with an album cover to use on your mp3 player.  Along with downloading the music, some albums/songs are available for listening to online via  Also on this website is the official list of swf links for listening to Club Penguin's music directly from the source.


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Is it safe?

The short, sweet and to the point answer is yes.  We never add/put anything harmful in the download links or compiled albums.  And to be sure that the links/downloads aren't ever tampered with, we download them ourselves and scan it with Webroot Antivirus and Spyware and Malbwarebytes antivirus softwares.  So far, we have not even found a trace of any virus.  We do these tests on a monthly basis.  All songs/albums are uploaded and available for download at, which is a safe multi-sharing website.


Are there any requirements for download?

Yes.  You will need a zip and/or rar decompiler.  If you would like to download the free zip compiler/decompiler that we use, you can download it here at their official website:

The download should only take about 10-30 seconds on fast computers.  Jzip is very reliable to use and does not take up much space on your computer.  And again, no need to worry.  We ourselves tested Jzip and it is virus free.


Club Penguin Music Records is in no way affliated with any of the above mention sites/programs including Webroot Anti virus and Spyware, Malwarebytes, Jzip (, or .


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