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Welcome to the unofficial database of Club Penguin Music Records.  This site distributes Club Penguin music free of charge.  All songs will be in their own album, either randomly, or because of a common occurance (ex: all minigames will go into one album).  Eventually we will distribute all the songs in one master soundtrack.

So what's the big idea?

The big idea is that we have collected all of Club Penguin's songs.  Because of leagal reasons, we aren't allowed to sell them or make money off of them in any way.  So we simply upload soundtracks to a site called Mega Upload, where anyone can upload their files so others can download them for free. Don't worry, Mega Upload is a free, safe service with no viruses, no spyware, no nothing.  Only what the person uploaded for you to download.  And we only upload the music.  We won't attach any viruses or spyware as we don't even know how to do so!  This process is very secure and safe, so you may enjoy your free music provided by Club Penguin Music Records.

Are we run by Club Penguin themselves?

No, we are in no way affliated or run by Club Penguin.  Therefore, we do not charge you anything for these songs.  Any pictures you may see (besides our logo in the website banner) is copyrighted by Club Penguin, New Horizon Interactive, and Disney.  Please do not get confused by the copyright notice at the bottom of the screen.  This website and it's name and logo are copyrighted by us, not the actual songs or Club Penguin artwork.  We do not in any way claim Club Penguin's artwork or songs as our own.

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